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Plant Fairs

By having Plant Fairs we are fulfilling some of our brief as SOMERSET Plant Heritage Group and bringing the work of our Charity
to the attention of a wider pool of potential members.

We will, of course, need the support of all our present members whenever they can help in any way,
however small. We all can grow the plants to sell, sowing seeds, potting up portions of our perennials
when we split them, taking stem cuttings or root cuttings and layering the lower twiggy stems of more woody
plants and climbers. If you are a Plant Guardian, what better way to ensure the continued existence of the
Threatened Plant for which you care than by propagating it and passing its progeny on, whether by sale or gift.

We shall need help to set up and take down the stalls and displays and, of course, to lend a hand with sales
or refreshments (where we offer them), for just an hour or two. It may be a little tiring, but a very enjoyable
and companionable experience with plenty of tea or coffee breaks and the chance to pick up a rare treasure
plant wise or just that specimen you have always wanted but never tracked down!

Please let Pauline know if you can help in any way and thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are providing plants for a Fair or our regular meetings.
Plants should be tidy, clearly labeled with two labels, one with the name of the plant,
one with your name and price of the plant(in round figures please) with a D if a donation.

Garden Visits

NOTE: Garden Visits by cars, please car share as much as possible and
share cost of petrol with your driver!